Being older and having a hip replacement, my Dr. was dubious when I said I wanted to get back to yoga right away. However when I told him my instructor was in her 80s and there was a large emphasis on breathing, he said go ahead. Barbara’s class is just my speed.

June A.Groton, MA

Ten years ago, my daughter invited me to join her in Groton for a yoga class with Barbara. That initial experience was a life changer for me! Barbara’s gentle and warm personality and the non-judgmental atmosphere of the class were so welcoming. Barbara’s knowledge and expertise of both the physical and mental aspects of yoga help to guide and facilitate health, well-being, and relaxation. Each week we journey together with intentional breathing, mindful stretching postures and the challenging task of relaxing. Barbara always ends each session with a thought to carry us through the week. Learning to be mindful and live in the present has made all the difference!

Nancy B.Carlisle, MA

I started attending yoga classes 15 years ago after trying Aikido. I wanted the exercise but was not attuned with the physical contest. My sensei recommended Yoga. It became an exercise routine I enjoyed and could stick with. When I moved to Groton 11 years ago, I immediately looked for a local yoga class and found Barbara. Her class is offered in a friendly loft, snuggled in the tree tops, with large windows that welcome the sun at all times of day. I used to believe that the practice and life were separate things. I attend a weekly evening class with my mom. We have tea, play with the kids, and go to class. Barbara has an acute awareness of her students and she shapes each class to provide what we all need at that moment. She has taught us to consider the connections. Breath, life, health, family -peace.

Jennie W.Groton, MA

I was near the end of my treatment for cancer when someone told me about Barbara Rich’s Yoga classes. I hadn’t done Yoga in quite a while, but thought it would be good for me. Barbara’s classes were just what my spirit and body needed to help me heal. Through her loving kindness, I have learned to be more mindful and to live in the present moment. I always feel more peaceful and focused after the class session. I highly recommend her gentle and caring manner of teaching.

Patricia B.Harvard, MA

Yoga for Daily Living has become an important part of my daily life since 2008. Barbara’s instruction goes well beyond the physical practice of the body and gives equal attention to the mind and spirit, making her Yoga classes truly unique and beneficial. Barbara’s classes are never, ever competitive, and are a place where I feel safe to practice the asanas to my ability. In between her weekly classes I take Barbara’s gentle instruction and words to my home practice – both on and off that mat. I can honestly say that “Yoga for Daily Living” is just that and has changed the way I live my life.

Paula B.Groton, MA

I have been taking classes with Barbara in her peaceful and cheerful Yoga studio for over 6 years. For me, each class is the right blend of postures, breathing, and meditation. I always feel great after I leave. My favorite part of each class is when Barbara reads to us during relaxation… I take something away from those readings every time!

Lori B.Pepperell, MA

Barbara’s Yoga for Daily Living is not only a Yoga class for the body. It is a Yoga class for the mind and the soul. As you focus on the breath, Barbara shares pearls of wisdom. I always take away a gem of thought to ponder and to carry with me well beyond the mat.

Linda M.Pepperell, MA