Many Options

Individual One- to- One Yoga Class

Shy about joining a class for the first time?
Convinced you have to be a pretzel to benefit from Yoga?
Need answers and individual attention for sore backs, knees, shoulders, and mind chatter?
Want to fit Yoga into your Telecommuting or Homeschooling schedule?

Yoga for ADD/ADHD Adults & Adolescents

Want to become focused, aware, and self-directed?
Is it hard to concentrate, organize, and relax?
Are you driven to distraction?

Yoga in a Chair

Think you’re too old for Yoga?
Want to move, stretch, breath more deeply, and relax?
Have you forgotten what it feels like to move with ease?
Want to practice with a Yoga teacher born in 1934?

I have been taking classes with Barbara in her peaceful and cheerful Yoga studio for over 6 years. For me, each class is the right blend of postures, breathing, and meditation. I always feel great after I leave. My favorite part of each class is when Barbara reads to us during relaxation… I take something away from those readings every time!

Lori B.Pepperell, MA